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Chocolate Production Manager

Barlovento Chocolates is looking for a Chocolate Production Manager. We are small but growing rapidly. We strive to offer the best quality chocolate with the best quality local ingredients. The hired employee will also ideally come with ideas to expand the product line and will have input over the future of the company. Flexible hours.


  • Experienced in tempering chocolate, filling molds, applying transfers, panning
  • Managing production for multiple large orders
  • Experience keeping supplies in stock, anticipating when to order
  • Experience with Hilliard Chocolate machines

  • Managing production of chocolate and ensuring all orders are completed on time
  • Maintaining a production schedule of orders requiring fulfillment
  • Keeping employees on task
  • Ensuring kitchen is clean and properly sanitized
  • Ensuring food safety rules are followed
  • Occasionally doing food demos at existing customers, pop-ups, etc.
  • Being an all around good person to spend a lot of time with

Benefits: 401k, health care, delicious chocolate, ability to grow with a rapidly growing company



Chocolate is messy business! We need someone to focus on keeping us clean and sanitary so we can focus on making chocolate. This person will also help with packaging and some chocolate making once the cleaning duties have been completed for the day.


  • Understanding of sanitation procedures
  • Thoroughness with work and attention to detail
  • Sense of organization
  • Follows directions well
  • Can follow a pre-set organization method

Starting pay: $14/hour

Benefits: 401k, health care, flexible hours, delicious chocolate, ability to grow with a rapidly growing company