Our Chocolate Assortment

Old Vine Zin

Indulgent combination an extraordinary pairing of the award winning Dutcher Crossing Zinfandel and 64% cacao dark chocolate.




The flavor profile starts with a smooth 64% chocolate ganache finished with the flavor of a full bodied cabernet, sure to please any wine or chocolate lover. 




A mini vacation made with 100% blue agave reposado tequila with a slightly smokey note that compliments the Persian lime zest sourced from our local spicery, enrobed in 64% chocolate dusted with sea salt and dried Persian zest for a unique margarita experience.


 Creme De Mure

The taste of summer, with a coulis of fresh blackberries and Creme De Mure (blackberry liqueur) infused into our signature 64% dark chocolate truffle.



Dark Chocolate 

A rich ganache of dark 64% cacao chocolate  blended with fresh, local, heavy cream, and hand-dipped in dark chocolate.



Ultra Dark

A rich ganache of dark 73% cacao chocolate blended with fresh, local, heavy cream, and dipped in 64% chocolate.



 Mayan Hot Chocolate (spicy)

Inspired by the hot chocolate flavor profile of the ancient Mayans with vanilla, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper.




 Venezuelan Hot Chocolate

A delicious treat in any season, made with orange zest, star anise, allspice, and a pinch of cinnamon to flavor this truffle finished with gold luster. 



 Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nib 

A rich ganache of dark 64% cacao chocolate and a
touch of 41% cacao milk chocolate for balance, blended with fresh, local, heavy cream, and hand-dipped in dark chocolate and topped with Cocoa Nib, the roasted
cracked cocoa bean – full of deep, intense, chocolate flavor, with a subtle crunch.


Fresh Mint 

We only use fresh spearmint to infuse fresh, local heavy cream before blending it with dark 64% cacao chocolate.




Cardamom and Honey

Inspired by the Silk Road, wild honey sourced from Marin, Ca, in the rural north San Francisco Bay Area, paired with local spicery whole cardamom pod, infused in rich, local, heavy cream and our signature dark chocolate truffle.



Barlovento’s neighbor, Mr. Espresso, supplies the fresh Oak wood roasted espresso beans for this coffee lover’s favorite chocolate indulgence infused in rich, local, heavy cream and our signature dark chocolate truffle.


 Chili de Arbol y Apricot (spicy)

An apricot puree reduction with Chili de Arbol that makes a lively flavor mashup of sweet and spicy, set against a backdrop of dark chocolate, which tames the powerful flavor profile, leaving a long, warming finish.


 Cinnamon and Vanilla

The comforting combination of Madagascar vanilla, Saigon cinnamon, and Venezuelan chocolate create a classic truffle to please the inner child.



 Fleur de Sel avec Caramel

The result of a winning bid at a charity auction for the lucky bidder to design their own custom Barlovento truffle. The winning bidder generously allowed us to share his delicious combination with the entire Barlovento family.  


Passion Fruit

A reduction of pureed passion fruit, providing a bright citrus note to this tropical chocolate indulgence. 




A coulis of fresh raspberries in our signature dark chocolate truffle.




Behr Wild Huckleberry

A passionate local forager in the north bay foothills hand picks wild huckleberries to create this truly unique truffle for our chocolate aficionados, amatuer and professional alike.  


Meyer Lemon Zest

We use the zest from Meyer Lemons grown by our customers/partner farmers to create a unique blend of chocolate, mandarin, and lemon.



Mango con Tajin


Whiskey Ginger

Gin and Tonic

Pina Colada


Eggnog (Holiday)

Eggnog and Cognac Truffles are made with Strauss Creamery Organic Eggnog and Remy Martin VSOP Cognac,, which is blended with cream, dark 64% cacao chocolate and European-style butter to create a holiday extravaganza in your mouth!


Gingerbread (Holiday)

A ganache made of white chocolate with fresh, local heavy cream infused with traditional Gingerbread spices, enrobed in 44% cacao Milk Chocolate
and decorated with a tiny Gingerbread motif.



Red Devil Cranberry (Holiday-spicy)

An employee’s family recipe for homemade cranberry sauce with Serrano chili pepper and other aromatics, reduced to concentrate its flavors, and blended with fresh local heavy cream, and dark 64% cacao chocolate. Enrobed in dark chocolate and decorated with a fleck of dried Cranberry.