We are a family owned and operated specialty chocolate company in Oakland, California manufacturing chocolate confections of the highest quality. Each one of our products is crafted by hand at every step of our process with premium, ethically sourced ingredients and all our love. 

Our name honors the celebrated cacao-growing region in northern Venezuela, where cacao has been continuously grown for centuries. 100% of our cacao is sourced from this region and is of single bean origin, which means it is unblended so that you can experience the pure, rich and unique flavor of Barlovento's chocolate unadulterated. 

We buy all our cacao from Venezuelan cooperatives who believe in sustainability and responsible land management and who train local growers to harvest, ferment, and sell their cacao so that it can fetch a price above market rate. We believe that when the growers' quality of life is elevated, so is the quality of their exceptional cacao.

Our company is situated in the center of the San Francisco Bay Area where fresh and delicious food is abundant and revered. To pay homage to this tradition of celebrating fine foods, we source many of our flavors from local farmers and markets, including our nuts, fruits, wines, and liqueurs.

In addition to our extensive line of chocolates, we specialize in product customization and personalization, working with our customers to realize their vision for just the chocolates they want. We proudly customize packaging, flavors and molds to fit your order.