Easter Bunnies filled with house-made Marshmallow,with 64% Cacao Dark Chocolate

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As little kids at Easter, my brothers and I would dream of eating a really big chocolate Easter bunny filled with marshmallow.  It never happened, and I forgot about it as I grew up.  Until ... my daughter (and business partner) said: "Dad, we need to make marshmallow Easter bunnies in these really cool molds I found"; she was right.for Easter 2019 were' proud to offer 3 different marshmallow Easter Bunny flavors::

  • Plain - 7 ounces of super-tasty, house-made vanilla marshmallow in a 64% dark chocolate shell.
  • Cherry - we added dried organic cherry bits and juice from Hidden Star Orchards - same folks we get the cherries for our large bars and chocolate covered cherries to the marshmallow Easter bunny.
  • Caramel - we can't offer a marshmallow anything without one that has Barlovento's Signature Caramel? A caramel swirl through all the marshmallow and a caramel layer on the base.